Agile Delivery


Most organisations recognise the need to utilise Agile IT delivery to support their business needs. Many are implementing "sort of" Agile which does not work. This frequently becomes Agile development as opposed to Agile delivery and the backlog moves from the project backlog into the test backlog. The business continues to experience the same frustration with IT delivery that prevents business goals being achieved.

IntelliQA has the expertise and experience of Agile, and of implementing effective IT process to enable you to transition to the state of Agile delivery and achieve business aligned IT delivery.

We bring the people, process and tools to achieve this efficiently and effectively, providing you with the transformation of IT delivery that you require.


Our Differentiators

  • Delivery focused approach as opposed to development focused approach.
  • Driven by experienced consultants with the expertise and up-to-date knowledge to realise the transition.
  • Cost-effective, our objective is to undertake transition and enable our clients to achieve self-sustained IT delivery. A rapid return on investment is achieved as deliveries begin to flow through.
  • Ability to implement leading Software as a Service tools to support Agile in a fast and affordable manner.


Free Evaluation and Consultation

IntelliQA recognises that to utilise any consultancy to achieve an IT delivery transformation may appear to be a leap of faith. To overcome this we offer the services of our experts to analyse your current IT delivery situation and provide useful feedback.