Application Lifecycle Management


Businesses of all sizes are struggling with application lifecycle management challenges. They are aspiring to streamline application delivery, increase quality and be able to respond quickly to changes in the market.

Effective delivery requires consistent delivery practices and processes, and integrated tools to support and enable management. A common problem is the number of tools that are utilised to support delivery including Source Code Management, Build Management, IDEs, defect management, and Agile Project Management. Add distributed teams and the myriad of development practices and there is little wonder that IT management suffer frustration from the lack of a consistent view of delivery, last minute surprises and repeated failed deliveries.

IntelliQA has the expertise and the tools to transform this situation into one in which predictable outcomes can be realised, the impact of change is understood, risk assessments can be readily achieved and governance policies can be enforced. The result is development time being spent where it should be, that is, in accordance with business priorities.


Our Differentiators

  • A true understanding of Application Lifecycle Management gained through years of implementation experience.
  • Accredited ability to provide HP Application Lifecycle Management software backed by our consultancy expertise.
  • Affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.
  • A full capability to devise process and integrate toolsets to achieve a full and effective solution.


Further Information

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