How we do it

Quality Assurance, Strategic Test Consulting and Test Management

We are able to offer excellence in these areas by recruiting and retaining high-calibre consultants. Attitude is an important attribute within our selection process. We select client focused professionals and provide the resources, training and motivation to succeed.

The IntelliQA Square below describes the fundamental aspects of test.


1. Test Strategy and Management

This defines the approach that will be taken and is the key to the success of the process. This is where we excel and this is our core deliverable.




3. Test Environments

Having well-maintained and adequately representative test environments is fundamental to success. Our full understanding of test environment management, configuration management and release management enables us to drive the project release cycle. Once again, collaboration is important to us and we have demonstrated that we work effectively with existing teams to achieve efficient test environment management.

2. Test Teams

Test requires multi-disciplinary teams with a range of roles and experience. We understand the roles and have an excellent track record of finding the people to fill the roles. The people can either be our own, client employees or from partner organisations. Collaboration is important. We work with people to achieve results for our clients.


4. Test Tools

Test professionals require tools to be able to perform their roles effectively. Key categories of test tools are test management, test automation, performance test and comparison. Our extensive experience enables us to select and implement the correct tool effectively. Our close working relationships with a number of vendors allows us to implement tooling quickly, cost effectively and innovatively.