Software as a Service (SaaS)

On-Demand Software Delivery Model

Better end user experiences

Software as a Service provides a flexible, cost effective, and efficient way to purchase, deploy, and manage software. SaaS provides IT a greater opportunity to deliver real business value to the organization through lower, predictable costs and an increased ability to focus on innovation and differentiation.

IntelliQA is proud to have been selected as the first HP SaaS Black Belt Partner in Europe.

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Confidence in the Cloud

For over a decade, HP has been leveraging the cloud to deliver industry leading and award winning HP software solutions. The SaaS-delivered portfolio of IT Performance Suite solutions addresses all three key responsibilities of the IT organization; strategy, applications, and operations. Software as a Service offers IT professionals confidence in using SaaS to respond to increasing calls for rapid change, more efficient resource utilization, and assure that IT delivers greater business value to the organization.

Application Lifecycle Management

Unify the application lifecycle for alignment, visibility and collaboration.

Application Performance Management

Resolve issues quickly, improve performance and reduce costs.

Center Management for Performance

Standardize processes, centralize resources and build a CoE.


Make the most of your application security initiatives