Application Performance Management SaaS

Ensure the performance of desktop, web, and mobile apps in your on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments. This application monitoring software suite gives you a 360° view of performance.

IntelliQA is proud to have been selected as the first HP SaaS Black Belt Partner in Europe.

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Mobile App Performance Drives Business Results

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Key Features

  • Get clear, end-to-end application performance monitoring, and isolate any problems for all of your applications whether on-premise, cloud, or mobile.
  • Simulate application performance on multiple devices to ensure that you can deliver consistent, predictable measurement and control application performance.
  • Monitor the real-time application performance of all users at all locations all the time, and automatically discover underlying infrastructure and classify user actions.
  • Drill deep into user and back-end performance in traditional, virtualized, and cloud environments to diagnose bottlenecks and quickly isolate and resolve issues.
  • Proactively manage service levels by defining realistic, quantifiable service-level objectives, and measure real-time application performance levels against those objectives.
  • Pick a delivery model that best fits your needs. Choose from any combination of on-premise, cloud, or hybrid to suit your existing platform and business model.

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