Managed Services


Most organisations face a challenge in recruiting and retaining IT resources. Good, permanent IT resources are difficult to find and most companies require flexibility to meet varying resource demands. The consequence is that companies resort to the contract or consultancy market. The contract market presents its own difficulties, getting a team to gel with a consistent approach to achieve deliveries can be a real challenge. Ownership of delivery can be an issue here also. Consultancies will take ownership of delivery, some will demand a high margin and body-shopping is becoming an increasing issue.

IntelliQA has devised our Managed Service approach to address this challenge. We provide IT professionals that meet our high standards and provide Professional Services backing, standards and training to ensure they meet the client need. A growing number of major organisations are adopting our service to meet their contingent workforce needs.


Our Differentiators

  • Motivated IT professionals with a true commitment to delivery.
  • Professional Services backing to ensure that demands are understood and met. The support may include training for a particular technology, or access to Subject Matter Expertise.
  • Regular and consistent client reporting to provide full visibility of the services being delivered.


Competitive Rates

IntelliQA recognises that organisations face a relentless demand to reduce cost whilst increasing levels of delivery. IntelliQA Managed Services provides exceptional value, with competitive rates and effective delivery.