Cyber-crime is increasing. Threats and risks are expanding in frequency and intensity.

  • Security breaches are causing both financial and reputational losses to organisations.
  • Cyber-criminals are well funded, coordinated and sophisticated.
  • 80% of successful attacks target the application layer (Ponemon Institute Study).
  • Gartner reports that 75% of breaches are caused by security flaws in application software.
  • The traditional security approach is not working. Protecting the perimeter is not enough.



Our solution will enable you to stop wasting money and get to the root cause of your security problems. We will help you:

  • Address immediate security issues in software that you have already deployed.
  • Reduce systemic risk in software that you are developing or acquiring from vendors.
  • Meet compliance goals for internal and external security mandates.



The IntelliQA solution provides fast, affordable, on-demand application security testing (including mobile applications), using our expertise and HP Fortify on Demand.

HP Fortify on Demand enables a consistent, unbiased analysis of an application to provide a tamperproof report back to security and development teams. This solution is:

  • Easy to manage: No hardware, software or maintenance.
  • Fast: Results are typically available within 24 hours for static analysis.
  • Compliant: Pass PCI, HIPAA, FISMA and many other compliance standards.
  • Flexible: Migrate easily and quickly to the HP Fortify on-premise solution and vice versa.


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