What we do

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance ensures that deliverables are fit for purpose and of an appropriate level of quality. It is a positive activity that contributes to the delivery process. Appropriate quality controls applied at the correct time prevent wastage and save time. Problems caught early within the development life-cycle are far less costly than those caught late. Our extensive experience means that we can define and implement the appropriate level of Quality Assurance for you, whether this is wide-ranging Fagan inspections, or a light-touch applied to specific risk areas.

Strategic Test Consulting

Our world-class test experts are able to advise on all areas of test. We have a reputation for defining readily understandable and straightforward test strategies that work. Using our service is extremely cost-effective as we offer true consultancy, and look to achieve an objective rather than place a person for a period.

Test Management

Our highly experienced test managers are able to manage the most complex and demanding test programmes. We have a collaborative approach and work to get the best out of all, whether they are IntelliQA resources or not.

Complete Test Solutions

We have the people, processes and technology that enable us to provide complete test solutions. You can trust IntelliQA to address test and quality assurance on your behalf and deliver world-class results.